Heat recovery in melting furnaces

Increasing energy prices as well as environmental taxes for SOx and NOx are reasons why recovery of waste energy are more and more important from economical point of view. Environmetal effect one other more and more important.
Heat recovery mens less energy spent and thereby less emmissions to the atmosphere.

Except for lower enviromental impact and fuel saving it facilitates smaller and more efficient furnaces, less number of burners and smaller combustion air blowers. This means lower investment costs not only for the furnace and ascciated. Energy consumption for all equipment needed for running such furnace will also be lower.

The radient recuperator

The recuperator is a metallic gas to gas heat exchanger where the waste heat from flue gases is recovered to heat up cold combustion air to the burners. Parts of the energy loss are directly returned to the furnace combustion process. For a high temeprature furnace with an outgoing flue gas temperature of 1350°C, as much as 75% of the fuel energy can still be left in the outgoing gases.

HEAT RECOVERY designs, builds and delivers recuperators of different kind with fuel saving up to 45%. Capital investments are normally payed back in less than one year.
Engineers with more than 20 years of experience from design and delivery of recuperators for the glass industry will ensure optimal design, best choice for materials and fabrication of units of highest quality.

Every recuperator is project related and designed to specific operation parameters. No standard units are awailable. This to ensure best performance and best life length in the most cost efficient way.

HEAT RECOVERY is a Swedish company. Design and fabrication are made in Sweden as well as special steel materials used.

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